One of the main pillars in project execution especially in Africa will be the risk and safety management of the projects. This sector is complicated and sensitive however required for the smooth operations. We escort the project from planning and survey phase to full execution including risk assessments; CSR programs; community relations; Health and safety policies all the way to security design and management.


TNL AFRICA would like to be on board from the first step of your project. We are a security consultant and we are able to identify the right partners for the right jobs based on our initial assessments. This will include any initial risk assessments and surveys for the project which will lead us to providing a security design and execution plan for the different risk levels identified.


TNL AFRICA provides community relationship management solutions. This is one of the main concerns in risk analysis when managing projects in Africa and can be the difference between a success and failure of a project. Our services include integrated solutions of client training, local recruitment, community supply and chain management, CSR management and corporate planning as well as utilization of community assets.


This area of specialty is growing very fast within TNL AFRICA. We work with experts from all over the world to introduce the best technologies and practices in the business in order to control pilferage and any loss. Losses when not control can effect the net profits heavily thus we are there to control and fix the leakages identified. This topic effects naturally the entire supply chain. Our role is to assess this entire chain and provide solid recommendations on systems and structure.


TNL AFRICA team develops safety and security programs for our partners and clients. We provide comprehensive risk assessments, risk identification and risk mitigation solutions for our client’s operations and projects based on their location, nature, equipment and manpower requirements. As a security consultant we are able to identify the right partners for the right jobs based on our assessments.
Risk management will include offshore consulting, SOPs and protection of people, business, assets and income from risk related threats. Our services will include full Risk Reporting including monitoring and reporting.


Health, Safety and Environment is a key factor in any successful project. TNL AFRICA team has all required certifications to structure and monitor the HSE factors both onshore and offshore. TNL AFRICA team is specialized in oil gas and mining activities as well as any other energy project such as solar, wind farms and geothermal. We assist our clients with the SOPs buildups, to monitoring the processes with onsite representation and reporting structures.