A smooth supply chain and proper logistics planning will reduce your overall costs and
provide better service to your end clients. Customers today are more sophisticated and
demanding than ever, forcing companies to respond quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively
tothe needs of the marketplace. Our goal is to brings your organisation to a smooth-running
operational model devoid of extraneous costs and inefficiency. We introduce a full logistics
and life support solution for any activity and remote project you will have.


TNL AFRICA has developed a logistical network and capabilities allowing us to deal with the most complicated equipment and materials.

TNL AFRICA with offices around the world will know how to deal with complex shipments and export regulations assuring our clients that their supply will get to its destination. From loading to off loading we are responsible that your cargo reaches its final destination safely and in good shape. We cover our activities with relevant insurances and supports as well as monitoring  the units all over the region with high level technologies.


Our logistics network provides a door to door solution including shipping and inspection from origin to the final destination including but not limited to clearance at the port of destination with an experienced and efficient team and up to storage solutions.

TNL AFRICA covers various cargo movement capabilities such as dry cargo, chilled and frozen as well as liquid cargo. We strive to provide door to door deliveries efficiently and professionally. Our advantage is in the management of the entire integrated system.



TNL AFRICA has extensive experience through its partners with cold room management and cold supply chain. Temperature-controlled supply chain can be a complicated activity if not done by experienced people. TNL AFRICA applies Combined Controlled Atmosphere Technology (CCAT) using all controlled atmosphere technology at our disposal providing a holistic approach to maintaining product integrity and quality for much longer. This service is unique throughout East Africa and includes Pre-trip inspection (PTI) + pressure tests , Transfresh / Maxtend / Purfresh / Smartfresh and humidity SystemsIt is used to preserve and to extend and ensure the shelf life of products, such as fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen food, photographic film, chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs.


TNL Africa team understands the regional importance for logistically being able to support remote location projects. We possess long term partnerships with yard owners providing covered and open space. All our location will have any required supporting services of handing the cargo. Our concept will be long term storage with favorable rates to our clients.


TNL AFRICA and its partners are able to provide handling and lifting equipment services. Our teams have been active in various complicated Oil and Gas operations as well as other hoisting projects recognized regionally and globally. We have and worked with various sizes of cranes and forklifts and have certified riggers and operators for any purpose our clients need us for. We understand the criteria and we have partners capable of providing solutions all the way from Mozambique to South Sudan and Somalia.