This sector of business in the development of TNL AFRICA started from a natural need of our partners and clients. Admin support as well as logistics when covered properly create a comfortable grounds for smooth and ongoing operations. Administration requires experience and track record within a specific country or region which is exactly what we in TNL AFRICA offer our clients and partners.


TNL AFRICA provides dedicated VIP services including but not limited to full hospitality, private flights and helicopters, safaris, transfers, transportation as well as close protection when required. We have a dedicated team working with VIPS and VVIPs for years in the East African region.


TNL AFRICA is able to support your expat community in the East African countries. Our goal is to assist with settling any employee or manager smoothly so he or she will be productive for the company from day 1. Schools, communities, shopping, real-estate, interior design, offices, flights, transport, risk assessments and security reports are all part of the scope we offer our clients.


TNL AFRICA experts possess extensive experience in the finance world. From banking to investments, cash flow projections as well as mergers and expansions and development.
Our partners will be able to advise you on every step of the way.


TNL AFRICA experts possess extensive experience in the legal world. We work with some of the leading lawyers in the region that expertise in the commercial and contractual sectors. We as TNL AFRICA will introduce you to the right firms and help you with the follow ups locally when required.


Recruitment might be one of key elements fro success especially in our region. We assist our partners in finding the right capable people which will include interviews, vetting and due diligence which are critical in this part of the world. we shall provide our partners with the right information about salary ratios, legalities and contract consultancy so they are protected.